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It’s an easy assertion to dive head first into a new home remodeling project. The temptation to remove the old and bring out the new can be tough to curb, but should not prevent you from carefully planning out the details of the project. New projects present new challenges and these challenges can...

Almost everybody who has a lawn owns a lawnmower. Depending on where you live, you may also have a weed trimmer. The reality is, for a beautiful, lush lawn it may take a little that more than that. For example, many professionals use  de-thatchers and aerators to achieve the best results. If you...

In general, the process of hanging or installing sheetrock is pretty simple. The purpose of sheet rock is to cover metal or wood studs with sheets of gypsum panel or drywall so that your space has the desired structure and shape. The successful hanging of sheetrock hinges on correctly laying out...